Why Diversity is Important in Educational Publishing

Why Diversity is Important in Educational Publishing

When children are surrounded by a multicultural society, it is simple for them to learn about differences in age, gender, beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, and race. Diversity in the classroom employs a variety of practices and values to assist students in recognising and respecting the diversity of others.

Equality and human rights are important concepts for young people to grasp. This perception aids them in understanding how they should be perceived and how others should be treated. When you teach these subjects and encourage inclusion, you provide a healthy space for students to question, debate, and shape lifelong principles, morals, and opinions.

Students who are taught to value diversity gain experience and understanding that will facilitate them in improving relationships, combating racism, and making good decisions in their lives. You must cultivate optimistic and interactive attitudes in young students in today's demanding and diverse society.

The pandemic has made it impossible for parents and teachers to ensure that children understand the value of diversity and equality. We must continue to educate children from an early age to ensure that the positive dynamic impact of global migration progresses for a better future.

This is why publishers need to create books that are diverse and inclusive, allowing children to learn at home from anywhere in the world.

We may discover ourselves in books, learn more about ourselves, and discover our best selves, which are always mirrored in a character we identify with. They show us what kind of friends we want (and can help us find them), how to cope with disagreements in good and bad ways, and give us new perspectives on people and the world. Diverse books are important for putting yourself in someone else's shoes and learning about their world and experiences. They are opportunities to see life from a viewpoint you might never have had before, to travel to places you may never have been, and to live in a community you may never have known. They aid in the development of compassion, awareness, and comprehension. Many of us make lifelong friends through books. They provide a secure environment in which to learn, love and explore.

At Illo Agency, we represent a global range of artists; distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients, this ensures inclusivity in children books, as the artist can include their personal experience and knowledge into the illustrations.

Artists Featured: Shu Garbuglia, Alicia Mas, Danica Da Silva Pereira, Joelle Avelino, Valeria Cafagna

This piece was written by Temi Olarinoye @ Illo Agency
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at illo agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.