Artists who champion good causes

We work with major progressive brands to communicate their message and align our mutual values by connecting them with diverse, genuine and individual talent.

Diverse Illustrators

Diverse Illustrators

Here at Illo Agency, we believe in the power of sharing diverse artwork and stories. We are committed to representing a roster of illustrators from around the world who reflect our global population and who come from different racial and cultural backgrounds, hold various sexual and gender identities, are disabled, and are neurodiverse. Our illustrators are independent thinkers driven by what they believe in. 

They create work about self-empowerment, breaking through stereotypes, sharing their culture and experiences, expressing their identities, and uplifting marginalized communities. Our illustrators create imaginative and authentic work to share their multicultural identities, and we strive to bring them opportunities to help make mainstream media more inclusive and accepting of those identities. 

It is our commitment, at Illo, to do what we can by connecting our artists with a diverse range of clients who share their goals and values. We are and will continue to be driven to create a more inclusive and accepting world, and we could not do it without our diverse roster of artists.