Artists who champion good causes
We work with major progressive brands to communicate their message and align our mutual values by connecting them with diverse, genuine and individual talent.

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why did we launch Illo?

Representation within illustration needs to change. As an illustration agency, we know that we have the power and opportunity to work closely with some of the most influential names across commercial markets. We are well-aware of this responsibility. It is important to use our platform and ensure we do our very best to pitch artwork and stories that are truly representative of modern-day artists. Illo strives to represent quality cultural content, in hope of making mainstream media more inclusive towards global artists and their artwork.

who do we work with?

Illo is a brand new type of illustration agency that provides a kaleidoscopic curation of global illustration styles, straddling use across multiple creative markets. At Illo Agency, you will find artwork suitable for editorial use, publishing use, advertising campaigns and even gaming content. We are not exclusively one type of agency. We are more of an artistic community where an illustration style for every need can be found.

what kind of artists do we represent?

Our illustrators have truly unique styles, this is largely because they have been curated from opposite corners of the world and therefore influenced by different cultures. Whether our artists connect with different personal stories, or create strikingly different styles of art, we believe that everyone deserves to be proudly represented through illustration.

At the heart of Illo, we are really pushing to represent a range of artwork by under-represented artists in order to tell their stories across mainstream media. Our agents are constantly on the lookout for fresh, authentic talent emerging from new voices.

why have some artists been ignored by publishing?

The Bookseller recently reported that only 4% of children's books feature a BAME character.

By being diverse, this does not mean our artists are creating political pieces of artwork. It’s now time for ‘diversity’ to be normalised, instead of just a checkbox requirement, PR stunt or talking point. We want to say goodbye to ‘diversity’, and hello to inclusivity. Change needs to come in the form of commissioning culturally inclusive artwork across all mainstream media.

who works for Illo?

Illo Agency is a growing team of passionate illustration-lovers and advocates for social change.

what are we hoping to achieve?

We are hoping to meet some like-minded clients that also want to see a change in the face of mainstream media. The best way for supporting this type of illustration is by commissioning it!


can I submit to Illo Agency?


YES!  We are always scouting for new talent. Please send a portfolio and a little bit about you to [email protected], if you are looking for representation.