Artist Perspective by Inko Ai Takita, Learning Manga

The Artist's Perspective, written by Inko Ai Takita. Inko is a distinguished manga artist from Kyoto, Japan, currently residing in the UK after honing her craft at Kyoto University of Art & Design and Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design...

Inko, why do you create manga?

Well this comes up in Q&As sometimes, so I should find a good answer for it!

First of all, I’m from Japan, and growing up in Japan, manga is everywhere. It’s a part of the environment: Manga in some text books, manga on manual leaflets, manga on campaign flyers, and manga on warning posters at stations. Reading and drawing manga are very naturally becoming a part of my life and profession.

Designing, printing, painting, photography, anything I studied at art university and college in both Japan and England took roles to add interesting aspects and angles on my works. Isn’t it great to be a bridge between Japan and England, art and entertainment, traditional and modern crafts?

When I started a full length manga project, I was so surprised the big difference between sequential art from one-off illustration. Oh I have to be a film director, editor, consistency checker, decorator, actor, and sound engineer. All visuals have to make sense for the readers to be able to understand the story.

How challenging, but how rewarding. I get better at every panel I draw. I can’t find anything else which gives me that great fulfilment that manga does.

Sounds too good? You’d better try one!

- Inko Ai Takita

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