Artist Perspective by Saulo Santana Cabrera, Fish Among Volcanoes

The Artist's Perspective, written by Saulo Santana Cabrera. Saulo is a Spanish Artist, Designer, and Photographer originally from the Canary Islands...

The Story of how I found a fish among the volcanoes.

Behind an illustration there are experiences that influence the creative process. Such is the case with this fish. One of the illustrations I created for Buenavista Lanzarote, Country Suites. The accommodation is located in “La Geria”, one of the most incredible landscapes in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. I had the fortune of staying in one of the suites and exploring the area for the collaboration we had at hand. The three volcanic cones, just a few minutes from the hotel, offered a canvas for exploration. I walked the quick journey around the base where I discovered the crater due to the collapse of the wall, allowing me to enjoy the view from inside the crater's eye. Finally, I climbed to the top of the tallest one to have a top perspective of the picture. From above, you can appreciate the iconic stone arches of “La Geria’s" vineyards dressing the base of the volcanic cones.

I began to decode the elements and nuances of what I had seen. On one side, there was the volcano's crater, a large eye. Then, there is the line that defines the entire base of the volcano, and finally, there is a scaly pattern surrounding the eyes of the volcanic cones. Perhaps a “Vieja”, the prevalent fish of these waters, isn't what I found that day. Better! I discovered another fish. A fish that surfaces only from the crown of Lanzarote's volcanic summits.

- Saulo Santana Cabrera 

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