xenia latii for the big issue australia

Xenia Latii for The Big Issue Australia Xenia Latii for The Big Issue Australia Xenia Latii for The Big Issue Australia

Illo Agency artist, Xenia Latii, has teamed up with The Big Issue Australia to discuss the history of money and our ongoing, incredibly complex relationship with it. In this editorial illustration, she explores the range of her versatile digital style. 

In accompaniment to Michael Epis' article, Xenia offers a vibrant colour scheme to a piece that is primarily aimed at the business and financial market. 

Xenia illustrates a futuristic banknote, adopting a playful style to narrate the events leading up to President Nixon dropping the gold standard in 1971. For a topic surrounded by so much depth and complexity, it is important to keep the visuals upbeat and bright in order to hold a reader's attention. We love the image of Nixon canoodling his solid gold bars!

Congratulations to Xenia on this collaboration and interpreting a financial brief with so much imagination! Commission her today to feature in your editorial piece or advertising campaign, Reach out to on e of our illustration agents via email, who will be able to help with pulling your creative brief to commercial life. 

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