giulia pintus for facebook

Giulis Pintus Giulia Pintus

We have been so excited to see Giulia Pintus gracing our screens in partnership with social media juggernaut, Facebook!

Collaborating on a quirky, super fun brief, Facebook asked it's community members; what monster would you hang out with this Halloween, and what would you get up to together?

There were some pretty entertaining end results that built humorous scenes for Giulia to play with ... 

"I'd stay in and watch soap operas with chupacabras." - Eric J.

"I would ride motorcycles with the Headless Horseman" - Becca V.

"I'd spend my Halloween playing fetch with the Wolfman". - Terrance R.

Giulia's playful, yet sometimes grotesque, illustrative style complimented this project so well. The aim was to create a Halloween campaign that, surprisingly, was not terrifying or remotely scary. Facebook wanted to show that Halloween can be a positive occasion to bring people together as part of a social celebration; just like their online platform does. The magic of Facebook is that it work as a way to help you make friends, as well as staying in contact with old ones.

Our American readers might have spotted the live campaign on their Facebook feeds last week, whilst everyone else around the world can still check it out on their Instagram page.

Huge congratulations to Giulia! Plus, thanks to Facebook for bringing this brilliantly imaginative and friendly concept to life! 

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