Welcome Eva Naroditskaya to Illo Agency!

We have the pleasure of welcoming our talented Russian artist Eva Naroditskaya to Illo Agency this week!

Growing up in a creative environment, Eva has been highly influenced by her mother's creative career which has lead Eva to follow a similar path. To learn more about Eva, keep reading the Q&A session we carried our earlier this month...

Q: So Eva, tell us, who are some of your artistic inspirations?

A: I'm a huge fan of contemporary book illustrators, one of my favorites is Julia Sarda. I also like a minimalistic approach to the image, like in Owen Davey's work, and Tommy Parker's Illustrations.

Q: We can see that through your work! Describe your style, in your own words.

A: I am trying to not stick to one style, for me, it's very important to try out new styles and improve the one that I have already. I think that we are always learning something new, and finding some new technique will help you to improve your style and make your work better.

Q: New skills are amazing in assisting in the direction we take our work. What do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I like learning, so for now I am going to Hebrew classes (although I am not doing well enough, hopefully, it will be better in the future). I like traveling, so when I have some free time I love going to explore new places, new cities, and countries.

Q: I am sure you are doing better then you think you are :) What is your favorite thing to Illustrate?

A: I love drawing everything, from small objects to landscapes. I think that if you can try different techniques and ways of illustrating something, it is great to draw even a pen a hundred times.

Q: We love variety in a portfolio! So, why did you sign with Illo?

A: I would like to get an opportunity to work on as many challenging and exciting projects as I can, so it is always good to meet new people, find different agencies and make as many contacts as I can!

To find out more about Eva's work, you can head to her portfolio online where you can see how talented she is! Her portfolio page can be accessed from here, and if you would like to commission or find out further information, contact one of the Illo Agents who can help bring your project to life.

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