Daniela Tordi joins Illo Agency

We would like to welcome a new signing to Illo Agency, the wonderful Daniela Tordi all the way from beautiful Italy!

Daniela combines traditionally techniques with digitally finishing to create her candid pieces, playing with mixed media and colour. To learn more about her artisitic process and how she works, keep reading our Q&A session with her earlier this month.

Q: Welcome to the Illo Family Daniela, we would like to ask who some of your artistic inspirations are?

A: There's plenty of incredible talents that I admire! I spend hours looking at other illustrators work; being self-taught this is my main source of knowledge and inspiration. I'm particularly fond of some illustrators of the past, like Roger Duvoisin and AndrĂ© Francois, whose Little Boy Brown is a perfect summary of the ingredients that make a good children's book. It's a simple - and at the same time - brilliant story. It's got an almost sublime ability to capture the poetry and irony of life.

Q: Its always great looking back at the greats for inspiration! Could you describe your style, in your own words. 

A: My style is pretty ironic, with a touch of tenderness. I like funny characters with a candid soul and a very personal approach to life ... and I try to represent this. My line is usually marked - I use the marker almost like a tool to engrave wood, then I clean, smooth, fill digitally. I'm not afraid of colors, either. However, lately I have a lot of fun with mixed media, which allows me to get a more "dirty" and material effect.

Q: Yes we love that raw edge to your line work. So, what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I live in the countryside with my dog, Struffo, and I like walking, cooking, swimming and sewing dolls.

Q: You must find lots of inspiration in the countryside. What is your favourite thing to illustrate?

A: Children, animals and interiors.

Q: Well thats great, and you can see that through your pieces. Why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: I like ILLO's wide horizon, the idea that different talents can match different needs, beyond the "mainstream" that unfortunately, here and there, often risks "crystallizing things and limiting the richness of expressive forms. 

We can not wait to start working with you Daniela, and if you are interested in seeing more of Daniela's work, check out her portfolio online, or get in touch with one of our illo agents who can bring your project to life.

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