The Artist’s Perseptive' Series, illustration and words by Sara Padovan

A new artist-led piece for our new 'The Artist’s Perspective' Series, a bespoke illustration (Red piece below) and incredibly emotive words by Sara Padovan

You may well have seen this on the news, or like me seen some emotional homages all over instagram, and wanted to understand more.... this is all in relation to protests and vigils in Italy over the violent death of 22-year-old Giulia Cecchettin.

The 22-year-old engineering student from Veneto disappeared with her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old Filippo Turetta on 11 November. On Saturday, Cecchettin's body was found at the bottom of a ravine with at least 20 stab wounds to the neck The discovery was made after a video emerged where Turetta could be seen beating Cecchettin, and authorities suspect he murdered his former partner before fleeing the country.

Here’s Sara’s words with a dedication…

To those whose weight of being a woman prevents them from spreading their wings.


I have had this woman on since I was born.

She possessed my eyes as a child
She was my blanket, my warm partner for an open fairy tale.
I have this woman on me
She possesses naive eyes
Believes in stories of principles
But suspects actions without principle.

I have this man on me
He steals my insecure eyes
And judges himself in front of the mirror.
I have nothing on me
He says: You undress to make the love
Maybe I am.

-Sara Padovan

Do check our Sara’s instagram too, there’s some very strong editorial / political illustrations with strong concepts to admire.

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