Artist Perspective by Yuki Uebo, Inspiring Crowds

The Artist's Perspective, written by Yuki Uebo - a Tokyo-based illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by the culture of the city, such as the busy streets, the colour, and general messiness….

I often get ideas for my illustrations from my everyday life. Since I was born and brought up in Tokyo, the crowds of people were my everyday life. I have always felt excited and comfortable when I see places with many people. I use the power I feel in the gathering of people and things as inspiration for my illustrations. Crowded trains, densely packed flats, busy and colourful streets, small bento boxes full of dishes, advertisements with lots of text, etc. - the sight of people and things gathered together in a small space is a common sight in Tokyo, and for me it is a part of my everyday life. I get pleasure from incorporating this kind of density into my drawings, and it makes the illustrations feel familiar to me.

Japanese stereotypes are also a common subject in my illustrations. Since I spent several years as a student in the UK, I am interested in Japan from an outsider's perspective. Sometimes the stereotypical Japanese culture and the actual Japanese culture in my everyday life can be quite different. I playfully mix these fantastic images of Japanese culture with my own real-life experiences of Japanese culture.

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