Artist Perspective by Francesca Cosanti, Opera Festival

We are starting a new artist-led (artist written) series titled The Artist's Perspective - and this first one is written by Francesca Cosanti - an Italian artist with a love of travel, enjoy!….

On 4 November, the e-book LE CINQUE SFUMATURE DEL BUFFO I created in honour of the 5 Operas Buffa of the 2023 Festival della Valle D'Itria was presented in the Auditorium of the Fondazione Paolo Grassi.

The Festival is held in my city, Martina Franca in Puglia - Italy, for 50 years and is an internationally renowned Opera Festival.

The ebook combines music and illustration, in fact for each GIFs a musical track was recorded during the Festival.

The ebook can currently be downloaded from the following link: and will soon also be available on the Apple Book Store and Google Play Books.

After my presentation, the audience attended the final concert of the students of the Accademia del Belcanto Rodolfo Celletti 2023 and, surprisingly, I worked on a digital live-painting, to create a background for the singers on stage. Above are some photos to let you take part of the show.

If you’d like more info, please contact: [email protected]

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