Önce Hayal is a sing along book - illustrated by Zeynep Ozatalay

A great end to the year! Here’s a beautifully illustrated book by our artist Zeynep Ozatalay.
Önce Hayal is a sing along book, written by Judith Liberman through the publisher Redhouse Kidz Turkey:

Joseph is a tailor. Everybody in Joseph's family are tailors. One day Joseph opens his own shop, with an advice from his father.

Dream on first, then it becomes real.
Everything you do with talent and will.
All you dream will be reality
If you dream about it firstly

So with this song, Joseph starts creating wonderful clothes for his clients. But will he ever have a dream for himself?

As the year draws to an end, what a perfect time to ponder more about our dreams for the future.

If you think Zeynep's style would be perfect for your next project, contact her agent at [email protected] !

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