Clara Anganuzzi's artwork featured on Little Tiger's 2020 Catalogue cover

Happy New Year! (We never know how long you can say that for!) 2019 was a year full of great projects, as well as welcoming in new artists to our agency.

To celebrate, we’d like to share this gorgeous artwork by Clara Anganuzzi! You'll find this illustration in the stunning picture book; Dear Earth soon to be released on March 5th.  It's a collaboration with creatively-led, independent publisher Litte Tiger;  who we'd like to add has decided to feature Clara's work on the cover of their 2020 Catalogue, seen here!

Dear Earth is a love letter to Earth written by Isabel Otter. Clara's organic shapes and engaging flow really makes us start off the year with a contemplative and deeply thoughtful mind. Let’s start off the new year with love for Earth!

Check out the summary of Dear Earth below:

When Tessa writes a love letter to the Earth, it's the beginning of a glorious adventure. She blows bubbles with whales, soars with birds and joins in with the noisy rainforest hullabaloo!
Tessa wants everyone to know how special our planet is. She believes that there is a chance to save the Earth if enough of us share the message...

If you are interested in seeing more of Clara’s art, check it out here and please reach out if you think you have a perfect project for her! [email protected]`

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