Bold, graphic style that doesn’t take it self too seriously - introducing Rich Fairhead

Introducing our new artist Rich Fairhead! This bold artist comes with an even bolder and graphic style that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He hand draws everything, old school style, then sprinkles some magic with photoshop. You’ll find him also doing many live drawing events with large scale murals! We hope you enjoy his bold style.

We did a little Q&A with him to find out more about his inspirations, styles and hobbies. Keep reading our Q&A session with him earlier this month..

Can you name something or someone as a personal inspiration, or what else drives you?

I can’t pin it down to one person or one thing. I was always inspired by friends who were making it as designers, illustrators or anything creative as its really hard to make a living from this line of work. I remember being really into artists like David Shigley at uni as drawing style wasn’t the ‘norm’ and I loved the scary humour  

How would you describe your artwork?

Bold, graphic style that doesn’t take it self too seriously.

What methods do you usually employ in your art?

I hand draw everything (old school with pen and paper) and then mess around with stuff on photoshop. I do a lot of live draws and murals too so like getting my hands dirty.

How do you describe yourself when people ask about your career?

I’m still not 100% what I do or how I got where I am! I just say to people I draw pictures for a living. Some people like them some don’t..

Are you a member of any artistic societies?

I’m not (as far as I know) I’ve got Tate membership which is always good for inspiration

Do you have a favourite piece that you have created?

I found some of my old sketchbooks from uni and liked my style of drawings / random ideas. I miss that ‘not giving a shit’ approach . Also the Star Wars inspired pieces that are now prints remind me of when I was starting out as an Illustrator not really knowing what the hell to do, which I like.

Do you have particular hobbies or interests outside the artistic field? Do you have any pets?

I try and go running as much as pos, or to the cinema when I can. No pets here in London but I do have 1 year son, Alf (the Mini Gentleman) who keeps me busy.

If you weren’t an artist/illustrator, what do you think you’d be doing?

No idea…maybe something in cinema, a cinematographer or set design. Or a chef. Or maybe something to do with plants.

Do you have a favourite book/film?

Anything by Cormack Mccarthy. Or the Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt is awesome. Leon by Luc Besson or Michal Manns Heat are a 50/50 for number 1 film.

Do you prefer the countryside or the city?

At the moment, the City. I love living in London but ask me in 5 years time. A house by the sea is getting more and more tempting

Do you listen to music when you drawn/paint? If so, what kind?

Yep, mainly the radio or spotify. And sometimes an old movie that I can listen to and don’t have to concentrate on when I’m drawing at home. Or Queens of the Stone Age if I need waking up.

Thank you Rich for taking the time to give us a bit more of an insight into the artist behind the fun illustrations. To work with Rich, check out some more of his work before getting in touch with one of our Illo-agents who can bring your project to life. Email: [email protected]

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