Illo Agency’s visit to Beavers (young Scouts) - to hear more about their Book Reading Badge

A few weeks ago we visited a local Beavers group on a dark Friday afternoon, as we were very inspired by their latest activity, a new Book Reading Badge introduced in Jan 18 – in response to feedback from its members.

As part of the badge the beavers had to design the cover of their favourite book, and then be ready to talk about that book. They also made book marks and talked about what they are for. The badge also requires that they read six books.  We of course wanted to hear more and felt this was right up our street!

I bet you’re all wondering what the children chose as their favourite book – so were we as it happens!

Beaver scouts are aged between 6 and 8 years old. 

The most popular reads seemed to be Beast Quest by Adam Blade, where the leading characters Tom and Elena battle fearsome beasts and fight evil. There was an unmistakeable adaptation from one of the beavers, of David Walliams Billionaire Boy  - about Joe Spud the richest boy in the country that has everything accept for a friend. Then a fabulous take on Isadora Moon by Harriet Muncaster – this is a series about a totally unique half vampire half tooth fairy, and finally Sir Lilypad by Anna Kemp – a fantastic, funny, froggy tale.

If you know someone working on their book reader badge, do let us know.

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