nana gonzalez

The Illo Agency team has a new recruit! 

Argentinian kids illustrator, Nana Gonzalez tells all in a little Q&A session with our illustration agents ... 

Q: Hey, Nana! Who are some of your favourite illustrators?

A: There are several illustrators that I really admire, and some have been great influences to me. Gustave Dore, Wanda Gag, Divica Landrová, Maurice Sendak, Dora Polster, Arthur Rackham and Käthe Reine - among many others! 

Q: A great list there! Try and describe your style, in your own words ...

A: I'm an illustrator, but first I'm a painter. I'm also a fan of the old school! I like to use many textures made with a brush, that I can digitally process, I also like to use watercolors, that makes my illustrations very pictorial and also quite figurative. 

Q: Cool! What do you get up to in your spare time?

A: When I'm not working I enjoy taking care of my plants, I have what people call "green fingers". I also like to go for a walk along the river with the two men who live with me, Laurentino and Federico. 

Q: Green fingers and creative - we're envious! Why did you want to sign with Illo Agency?

A: I was looking for an agency that would give me confidence, humanly and artistically. I think that Illo has the ability to gather illustrators from all over the world, supporting diversity. I felt gratified that they answered me quickly and always in a very professional and very friendly way. 

Q: Welcome! And finally, what are your three top tips for aspiring illustrators?

A: To anyone who asks me how to start in this profession, my answer is always the same: Make a good portfolio and hit doors. Work hard, draw everything. Never give up. And as with everything in life, be generous. 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! If you would like to commission Nana for your upcoming project, reach out to our illustration agents who will be able to help.

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