meet our new signing ... Sindiso Nyoni!

Sindiso Sindiso Sindiso

We are super excited to announce our latest signing to Illo Agency - please give a warm welcome to Zimbabwean illustrator, Sindiso Nyoni - also known as R!OT Art!

Sindiso's illustration works like a charged battery surrounding protest and social issues. By mixing traditional techniques and a modern street style, he creates a fresh kind of energy that is buzzing in the illustration world. 

Read on to see what he had to say when our illustration agents caught up with him, earlier this month ... 

Q: Hi, Sindiso! You're one of our favourite illustrators in the big wide world, but who are some of yours?

A: The list is quite endless as I admire so many practitioners in the field; both past and present as well as some who have been a source of inspiration. If I was to name a few, I would go for Linsey Levendall, Pola Maneli, the late Thami Mnyele, The Hanuka twins and a very special mention of Emory Douglas.

Q: Strong list! Describe your style, in your own words. 

A: My culture and origins play a significant role in my overall work and activism. R!OT is also a graphic style and design aesthetic that combines traditional and digital media.  It’s a mixture of old school drawing techniques and new school techniques, whilst reaching into history and social issues to create a subversive Southern African ‘street’ style. The style uses protest and dissent to communicate messages via the use of art. I employ a journalistic approach to social issues combined with an intricate, illustrative style which result in some thought-provoking artworks that give a voice to issues that most would shy away from. This seems to be a recurrent theme running throughout my artwork, to give the impression that my goal is to stimulate, provoke, and entice people into thinking about socio-political issues.

One of my favourite Martin Luther King Jr quotes is “ A riot is the language of the unheard”. The link to social activism is what denotes my “African” design aesthetic (which is heavily influenced by protest poster art, stemming from liberation movements in Africa and the third world). By combining images and text to inspire people out of placidity my work attempts to tackle some of Africa’s most pressing issues in the form of visual art. 

Q: It is this message behind the illustration that makes your artwork so powerful. On another note - what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I travel a lot and hang out wherever I can experience sound, visuals, and tastes. I’m an avid festival goer so anywhere there’s good music/performances and food I’m there. I draw a lot of inspiration from the cultures and creative scenes in the cities I visit, which ultimately inform the visual language and aesthetic of my craft at that given moment. 

Q: Cool! What do you consider your favourite thing to illustrate?

A: Portraiture and portrait art is the source of a majority of my pieces.

Q: We've spotted some great portraitures in your portfolio! And finally, why did you want to sign with Illo Agency?

A: The opportunity to reach a broader audience with my art with a fresh new vibrant agency, was what drew me to ILLO.

And that's a wrap! Sindiso's online portfolio is just one click away ... check it out, here. If you would like to collaborate with Sindiso on your upcoming creative project, then reach out to our team of illustration agents who can help bring it to life. 

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