Illo Agency's newest signing, Inés de Riveroll!

Please give a warm welcome to Illo Agency's newest signing, Inés de Riveroll!

Inés' work is playful and naive, yet still completely suitable for a financial or corporate brief. How does she do it? With skill, a colourful palette and a range of simplistic artistic techniques - that's how!

Read on to read all about her creative haven where she works on a daily basis ... 

Q: Hey, Inés! We know that you draw for a living now ... but how did you become an illustrator?

A: I majored in graphic design, pursuing my interest in The Arts. After working un several different advertising agencies and freelance branding projects, I wanted to explore the illustration world. So, I took a technique class and a post-graduate course in Illustration!

Q: Wow! Describe your style, in your own words ... 

A: My artwork is naive, expressive, spontaneous and colourful. My compositions are very saturated; filled with characters and small details. I am enchanted by the uncertainty that a wet medium offers, the strokes and the different textures a brush can give. 

Q: And that's why we love your style! What is your office like?

A: My office is a small, cosy spot in my house. It has a big table with a computer, where I sit to check my emails and do most of my sketches. I also have a moodboard that changes with every project. My office has many shelves, which I fill with brushes, pencils and paints. Behind, I have a bookcase full of inspiring books from artists, illustrators and literature that I love. By the window, there is a drafting table where I do most of my artwork. I look at the beautiful view of the city and sunsets.

Q: Sounds like a creative person's dream! Why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: They represent diverse and distinct artists, which really highlights the individuality of each one. Nowadays, I consider it a necessity to have inclusive artwork. 

Q: And finally ... what would be your dream project?

A: That is a very hard question! I would love to write a book and illustrate it myself as well as winning a Caldecott medal!

And that's a wrap! You can check out more of Inés' work in her online portfolio .... here

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