Laura Klamburg joins Illo Agency

Spring has sprung and with it, brings some blossoming new talent! Welcome to Laura Klamburg, whose quirky linework is popular for infographic use, yet still chic and versatile enough to be used on the coolest branded packaging.  

Our illustration agents recently caught up with her for a little Q&A session ... 

Q: Hi Laura! Who are some of your favourite illustrators?

A: I grew up with Dr. Seuss and Richard Scarry, Sempé and Helen Oxenbury, Hergé’s Tintin and Moebius, Hugo Pratt and Robert Crumb. They all taught me to appreciate the beauty in illustration and its many ways of representation. They’re still with me, to this day. As I get older, I keep discovering wonderful illustrators from all over the world, people with great talent. That, on itself, is very inspiring. 

Q: A great list there - lots of our favourites, too! Describe your style, in your own words. 

A: It’s actually difficult to describe my own style. I’ve been told my work feels free-spirited and fresh, whimsical and fun, spunky and contemporary. I guess that could describe it. For me, drawing is about communicating ideas, thoughts, feelings, the beauty and the bizarre, my own perception of reality. Drawing is joy and magic, fun and beauty, all mixed up with colors and strokes. 

Q: We couldn't have said it better ourselves. What do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I’m very active by nature. Maybe that’s why I love so much to draw, because it helps me stay still and focused for a while. Nature is my inspiration, so in my spare time I enjoy long walks in the mountains with my dog and my kids. I also love time with friends and family, good food, cold beer and lots of talk and laughter. And I love sports, jogging and paddle tennis, and do so regularly. Life is a wonderful gift!

Q: Yes, it is! Why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: I know in my heart that with Illo great things will happen. Illo is a great agency with high respect for the field of illustration and their professionals. I’m looking forward to work on new projects with them, because I will not only get new experience but thanks to their professional coaching and support I will grow as an illustrator.

Q: And finally, what are your three top tips for aspiring illustrators?

A: I always say, “You get to draw by drawing”. If you want to become an illustrator, draw every day. Explore, practice and enjoy every minute of it.

2. Be gentle on yourself. There’s a learning process. Don’t despair. Believe in yourself. If you love illustration and keep practicing, you’ll get there.

3. And don’t draw only for yourself. There’s great joy on sharing your work and getting some feedback. Drawing is a universal language. Use it. The world is a better place with it.

And that's a wrap! You can check out more of Laura's work by heading over to her online portfolio, here

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