Catarina Gomes joins Illo Agency!

Catarina Gomes  Catarina Gomes Catarina Gomes

The turn of a new week is the perfect time to announce a new signing! Please welcome Portuguese illustrator, Catarina Gomes, to Illo Agency.

Catarina usually works with cutouts, oil pastels and charcoal - then combines them in Adobe Photoshop. To learn more about her artistic process and how she works, keep reading our Q&A session with her earlier this month ... 

Q: Hey Catarina! Who would you consider as some of your favourite illustrators?

A: I have a special interest in picture books. Kveta Pacovska, Chiara Carrer, Yara Kono, Shaun Tan, Saul Bass, Sara Fanelli, Christoph Niemann and Serge Bloch are probably my favourite authors. I also like comics books and cartoonists like Roz Chast and Richard Thompson.

Q: A great list! Describe your style, in your own words ... 

A: I work as much as possible by hand and without a computer because is the part that I enjoy the most. I usually work with cutouts, oil pastel and charcoal textures and then combine them in Adobe Photoshop. My illustration style is essentially a mixture between manual and digital, expressive and fun.

Q: A micture of old and new - we love it! When you're not illustrating, what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I usually do some baking, read magazines, draw and stroll with my family and friends.

Q: Cool! What is your favourite thing to illustrate?

A: Animals, people and sometimes a mix of both are my favourite things to draw. Since I have become a mother, I have noticed that animals have been a constant in my compositions. Mostly because I am surrounded by them, in books, games, patterns, cuddly toys ... it is true animal fever!

Q: And finally, why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: I wanted to sign with Illo because they represent high-quality illustrators with creative and unique styles that value cultural diversity. Illo agency answered me quickly and in a very professional way.  

And that's a wrap! To work with Catarina, check out some more of her work before getting in touch with one of our Illo-agents who can bring your project to life. 

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