Inés De Antuñona designs featured on The Holy Book of Trends Website!

If you are an absolute foodie or interested in the food industry,  The Holy Book of Trends is where you should head to. It has cool information on the latest trends in food and all the Instagram worthy restaurants to be at.

The Holy Book of Trends claims to be the “bible of trends related to food and beverage. Showing the local, global and futuristic developments of the industry through social-cultural, political and economic analysis. Inés De Antuñona illustrations are bold, vibrant showing we are all able to connect through our love and passion for food.

If you are interested in working with Inés, see more of her work here and please reach out if you're interested to work with her! [email protected]

at illo agency we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrates by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets. Article written by Anika Joseline Irie