Cinzia Piazza joins Illo Agency!

This week we have been talking to one of our new artists that has joined us in the last few weeks, Cinzia Piazza - welcome to the family! We love the metaphoric meanings showing in Cinzia's artwork along with the wonderful palette used amongst his artwork.

Keep reading our Q&A session with him earlier this month ... 

Q: Can we ask who you would consider as some of your favourite illustrators?

A: The artists that inspire me are so many, but I will mention the few that come to my mind first. Van Gough for the emotional use of colours, Hopper for the vivid representations of lights and shadows. And also contemporary artists like Tom Haughomat and Malika Favre, who were the very first ones to make me fall in love with the vector illustration.

Q: So how would you describe your style, in your own words ... 

A: My style combines the linearity and the use of flat colours, typical of vector illustration, with the use of grunge textures and shades. The illustration is thus less "gloss" and more "real". Of course, I pay a lot of attention to the combination of colours, to make my illustration less flat thanks to the use of contrasting colours giving life to lights and shadows.

Q: When you're not illustrating, what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: First of all I like travelling. I think it is not necessary to go from the other part of the world to discover exotic destinations, even if I do willingly! I especially like to discover the unknown places not far from home, which will allow me to make little escapes from everyday life even if time is short. Living in Italy, it is easy to find a medieval castle, an abandoned town in ruins, a hidden beach or an enchanted forest a few kilometers away, being able even to organise a bicycle trip. Moreover, I like going out for long walks with my dog, Ginger, or I read a good book and listen to music. I also try and go to the gym sometimes! :D

Q: What is your favourite thing to illustrate?

A:  I prefer everything that is vintage, but above all I like to combine different things together to give things different meanings. I also love everything that is geometric, so the architectural elements attract my attention a lot, starting from the inside of a room to the construction of an entire city. The buildings I most love to illustrate are the lighthouses, because each one has its own particularly and for the symbolic charge they have in the collective imaginary.

Q: Why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: Illo is a fresh, young and international agency. From the first contact I realised that it is a serious and well structured agency. I have seen the artists who are already collaborating with the agency and they are all very good, I hope I'll be able to confront with them in order to have a personal artistic growth. I'm really happy to sign with Illo, and I hope to have the opportunity to grow within your agency and expand my portfolio.

Thank you Cinzia for taking the time to give us a bit more of an insight into the artist behind the beauitful artwork. To work with Cinzia, check out some more of his work before getting in touch with one of our Illo-agents who can bring your project to life. 

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