xenia latii for middlebury magazine

Xenia Latii for Middlebury Magazine

Illo Agency artist, Xenia Latii, has collaborated on a editorial piece for Middlebury Magazine; in a introductory feature that welcomes back students at the beginning of their new term.  

Starring on the magazine's first page, Xenia accompanies the Editor's Note and welcoming passage with a quarter-page illustration. The magazine frequently uses a high calibre of illustration to accompany each issue. Middlebury Magazine is dedicated to communicating the high level of academic and cultural achievement at Middlebury College and exists in both printed and digital form. The highly acclaimed printed magazine is mailed to nearly 50,000 each seasonly quarter. 

A bright and airy colour palette paints the University library as a productive haven, instead of a cavern of stress and doom. This is because the University's Davis library acts as a social hub, as well as a place of study. It was important for Xenia to translate this through different illustrative techniques, in order to encourage the students to enjoy the space provided for them. 

A relaxed atmosphere is conveyed through the intimate composition and minimal use of shadow. A range of ethnicities that are pictured in the featured characters. This makes Xenia's work a piece of inclusive illustration and helps to reflect on the library as a place where everyone is welcome. At Illo Agency, we strive to represent truly diverse artwork that can relates to our society today. 

Like this piece? Well, Xenia is available to collaborate on your next editorial feature. Commission her today, by reaching out to one of our Illustration Agents that can assist with your creative brief. 

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