Vintage book challenge with Jiarui Jiang

We're currently doing a lovely internal project where each of our agents have picked a book they loved as a child.  Each sharing a little background surrounding the book; including who wrote it/ or the status/ reputation it has had, and the story surrounding who had published this.

For this one, I asked Jiarui Jiang aka Pheobe Jiang to recreate her own interpretation of this book. I'm so pleased/ blown away with the incredible work she's produced for this project, and for her portfolio. 

Here she’s created a cover, spread and / or character page. The artist is asked to create this in their own style, and they can select any specific angle/ book size they feel fits this subject best.

Jiarui Jiang aka Pheobe Jang is an illustrator and storyteller based in China, her work revolves around themes of nature, food, and more recently, beautiful insects. She loves to create children’s books based on the world as she remembers it from her childhood.

The Book I chose was The Magical Fish and was illustrated by Yasuko Kimura and written by Robin and Inge Hyman. It was published by Evans Publishing in 1974. which is no longer around. Robin Philip Hyman (9 September 1931 – 12 January 2017) was a British publisher who was the chairman of Laurence King Publishing from 1991 to 2004.

We couldn’t find an awful lot about the original illustrator Yasuko Kimura, only a few other books they had published.

My mother paid £1.50 for this book!

Here's what it's all about....

The little fish could not find his sister anywhere in the pond, but the magical flowers glowed and soon he was flying through the air to look for her. An extraordinary band of creatures with him, but it was really the big hairy watchdog who solved the mystery. 

Please see below Pheobe’s pieces, followed by the dodgy picture of the original book I still have!

Do get in touch as let us know what your favourite book as a child was/ or perhaps if you have something interesting for Phoebe! If you’d like more info, please contact: [email protected]

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