Remarkable Women

At Illo, we always look to our artists and allow them to freely express what's on their mind. So on November 13th. We at Illo sent out an email to all of our artists asking them if they'd like to create artwork around any inspiring native footballers that have overcome racism, equality, or discrimination.

The response was eye-opening, to say the least, nearly half of our artists came back with evocative and empowering illustrations. But out of them all, two pieces got us thinking about a subject we feel very passionate about.

Italian artists Maria Gabriella Gaspari & Caterina Delli Carri both illustrated the same inspiring story of Gruppo Femminile Calcistico, the first-ever Women's Italian Football team. What we then noticed through these, was the exposure around the story and their illustrations. People were fascinated to under more about the story and both the illustrators.

What we did next was to think bigger and focus on the message these illustrations conveyed, which was Women's Equality. So we brought together a collective of Women's Illustrators at Illo that is at the forefront of championing these issues and looked to get them in front of creative agencies and brands that tackled these issues too. That was done only last week and we've already had a whole host of conversations with the most creative & innovative creative agencies that are looking to tackle gender equality.

What started out as a story of a group of women pursuing their passion to be accepted and included in a sport they loved so much, has evolved into an opportunity to share a subject that we at Illo feel needs to be highlighted far more through creativity.