Reflecting on 2022: A Selection of Amy's Top Projects

It has been a big year for illo and all of our artists! We got the chance to work on many fantastic, challenging, and inclusive projects, some of them with multiple of our illustrators. It was a pleasure to work on these books, packaging, and editorial projects. We hope 2023 brings us more diverse and inclusive projects that are just as fun to work on! 

1. Project: The Boy With Wings and The Book of Legends (2 books written by Lenny Henry)

Illustrator: Keenon Ferrell

“This project was important to me, Lenny is a British actor, comedian, singer, television presenter, and writer that I've grown up with. This year Lenny won a Special Recognition Award at the NTAs 2022, also being the winner's life model for PAOTY (portrait artist of the year).  His mission is for there to be more diversity in the publishing world today, which we very much agree with!”

2. Project: Lush Cosmetics

Illustrators: Maria Contreras, Natalie Foss, and Cheryl Epstien 

“So many wonderful commissions, from gift wraps in celebration of Hanukkah, to CBD-infused products and a frog fortune teller both from Maria Contreras. The work really has been surprising and fantastic, I can't wait to see what theme's they have next. I feel we're creating a good rapport with this client.”

3. Project: ADWEEK 

Illustrators: Betsy Falco and Maria Contreras 

“I love these projects because I loved the art director and how the project seemed very challenging to the artist originally, they then had the opportunity to be brave and learn a new skill; Scrollmation.”

4. Project: Emperor Penguins Book

Illustrator: Pham Quang Phuc 

“I loved this project, as it's my son's favourite animal. I think it was well-written and planned out. Also, the fact that Neon Squid is new on the block and they seem to be creating really fantastic books! We also had a lovely catch-up with Jo Clark at the London Book Fair, and had drinks at their stand, lovely to have these connections, makes a great difference. Lots of lovely touches like the badges with Quang's work.” 

5. Project: Lancet

Illustrator: Carolina Altavilla

“Such a great project as Carolina was commissioned to work on, not one, but 12 covers throughout the year. Something I want more of for 2023. Carolina seemed to nail every brief, it was well paid and she loved the subjects, even though it wasn't necessarily something you'd immediately match Carolina to.”

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