our new signing ... Felicia Whaley!

Felicia Whaley Felicia Whaley Felicia Whaley

We are super excited to announce that we have signed Felicia Whaley!

Felicia is a kids illustrator that creates gorgeously playful, colourful and inclusive artwork to brighten any children's title. Featuring same-sex parents, feminist schoolgirls and interracial friendships, her work the force of change that we want to support in children's publishing. Read on to find out what happened when our Illo Agency agents caught up with her ... 

Q: Welcome to Illo Agency, Felicia! When did this journey begin and how did you become an illustrator?

A: Growing up, I always loved drawing. After my daughter was born, I couldn't pursue my passion because I had to provide for her. Even after working as a pharmacy technician for 7 years, I came to the conclusion that my passion for illustration was still strong. So, I attended the Illinois Art Institute in 2014 to study Illustration and Design. There, I discovered that I enjoyed illustrating children's literature. Shortly afterward, I quit my job as a pharmacy technician!

Q: Two very different worlds! Describe to us what your office and working environment looks like ... 

A: My workspace is comfortable. I have lots of children's books to read when I take a break from my own work. It's all I ever dreamed of in an office space. I couldn't see myself working in a regular office. Without being surrounded by books, I would go mad!

Q: Sounds dreamy! What is your favourite thing to illustrate?

A: I love drawing anything kid-related. I love using a lot of colours and imagination. My favourite thing to illustrate is mermaids, as well as fan art from time to time. 

Q: We're all big kids at heart! Why did you want to sign with Illo?

A: There are so many agencies out there, but they are not as diverse. When I took a look at Illo's website, I saw that they not only represent different illustration styles, but they also represent artists of different backgrounds. Being an African-American female illustrator, this was a plus for me.

Q: We're lucky to have you! What were some of your favourite kid's books when you were younger? 

A: Some of my favourite books included, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss, Are You My Mother? by P.D Eastman, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown and the Goosebumps series. 

Are you a fan of our latest signing, Felicia Whaley? You can work with her today! Reach out to our team of illustration agents who would be happy to put you in contact. 

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