Our latest addition to the Illo roster Esther Lalanne

Drawing has always been Esther Lalanne's way she expresses herself, and she believes that her images have the power to influence the world around her. She depicts a world where women, trans, non-binary, people of every race and sexuality can take up more space and are free to exist without limitations. Her bubbly and quirky aesthetic is inspired by everyday life and the rich stories that can be found in all human interaction. Sex, love, food, first kisses, odd kinks, and sly winks; Esther’s work hones in on the things that bind us all together, which is why her work reaches such a varied audience.

When did you start illustrating?

I’ve drawn women from as early as I can remember. Growing up, drawing was always the way I expressed myself. It’s always been there, and even if there have been some bumps along the way, illustration is where my heart is.

Who has been the most supportive in your illustration career, perhaps your teacher, family, friends?

My group of friends has always inspired me to draw characters and women in a sensitive, inclusive way. Surrounding myself with powerful women has done my career wonders.

Did you always think art was something that was going to be a major part of your life?

Drawing is all I ever wanted to do, I don’t think I could live without it. That sounds dramatic but it’s true! I do believe it’s my calling and a way for me to help change the world for the better.

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate?

Women, bodies, relationships, hands, food, relationships, love, diversity, equality, mental health… anything that touches me.

How would you describe your style?

My style is colourful, whimsical, character-focused, expressive, and theatrical.

What is your favourite collaboration to date?

A feature for First Dates Hotel. I was commissioned to draw holiday romances, sweaty characters sipping cocktails, and checking each other out by the pool… Perfect!

What interested you about being represented by Illo Agency?

I wanted to be part of a team that would be my biggest cheerleaders and upholds my values. I feel so welcomed and happy to be with an agency that wants to help me grow.

Do you have a favourite author, film director, or designer?

I’m really inspired by Tove Janssen, Haruki Murakami, David Hockney, and Céline Sciamma.

Are you working on any personal projects you can share with us?

I am working on a new print series around food and relationships that I will release in my shop and a zine about home and belonging.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, do you have a favourite?

I love to Transfert (in French) and The Moth. They’re telling true stories that make you question and see things from a different perspective. It’s like peeping through someone’s window and discovering something new about life.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact her agent; [email protected] 

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