Introducing Noah Lawrence-Holder > a black, non-binary artist from Madison WI

Introducing Noah Lawrence-Holder > a black, non-binary artist from Madison WI, now based in the Twin Cities. Their work consists of illustrations and animations centred around racial justice, equity, intersectionality, and gender identity. They have featured work in gallery shows highlighting queer and black artists across Minneapolis and beyond. Here's where we found out a little more....

When did you start illustrating?

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, but I've only really been doing illustration jobs since 2016 or so! 2020 is when things started to pick up for me a lot more, oddly enough.

Who has been the most supportive in your illustration career, perhaps your teacher, family, friends?

I've had some mentors and teachers that have really pushed me to reach higher. Most recently my friend and mentor Nancy Musinguzi. But I still think I owe the most to my high-school art teacher, Brady Nichols.

Did you always think art was something that was going to be a major part of your life?

I think so! It has always been a reflex for me. I think I was in middle school charging my classmates a dollar to decorate their binders when I first thought "Wow, this could really be a thing."

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate?

I love making posters and album art for bands. I think that's where you can get the most creative and try out some really wild ideas.

How would you describe your style?

I feel like I have two sort of "modes" I draw in. One is "Goblin Chic" and the other is "Computer Dreamscape."

What is your favourite collaboration to date?

Probably the weird zines I was making in college, haha. Be on the look out for the very rare "Dog Zine" I developed with Drew Hance in 2016... it'll be worth millions someday.

What interested you about being represented by Illo Agency?

I was really impressed with the other artists I saw represented by Illo, and they've been very kind and patient as I took weeks to finish this interview. That's golden.

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]
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