Mother Earth Day

We have picked out some of our favourite images and narrated them with a few fun facts, and even a few jokes, for you to enjoy! To hear more about any of these artists, get in touch with one of the Illo team.

Maria Gabriella Gaspari

We all remember Iceland's controversial Christmas ad that was banned last year for being "too political." As par of its festive campaign, the supermarket partnered with Greenpeace to raise awareness around destruction of our rainforests at the hands of palm oil growers. The animated orangutan stole the hearts of our nation - just like this piece by Maria Gabriella Gasparri!

Clara Anganuzzi

Clara Anganuzzi's subject matter is just as natural as her talent. Starring birds of prey, polar bears, cheetahs and dolphins, her online portfolio is jam-packed with impressive and wondrous scenes of the natural world.

Zafouoko Yamamoto

Zafouoko Yamamoto's naive style conveys big ideas through simple art techniques. This atmospheric series, following a dog walk through the artic, find an owner and a dog discovering the extraordinary remains of a blue whale...

Laura Klamburg

Laura Klamburg makes detailed, playful infographics that can dig deep and explore the minute details of particular subject or habitat.

Nana Gonzalez

Q: What do you get when you cross a sloth and a Scottish rock band?
A: A Slow Patrol.

Sandie Sonke

Sandie Sonke's playful anthropomorphic characters and scenes of children's illustration are bubbling with personality. In the light of the starts and shimmer of the moon at this nocturnal party - who needs a discoball?!

Sandra de la Prada

Sandra de la Prada teaches young readers to appreciate Mother Nature. Her unconventional technicolour palette reflects sunset hues and mountain mist in a whole new light.

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