kimberlie wong joins illo agency!

Kimberlie Wong Kimberlie Wong Kimberlie Wong

Christmas has come early! How lucky are we to welcome Kimberlie Wong to Illo Agency?! Kimberlie is a Chinese-American illustrator from the island of Oahu.  

Her editorial work is a shining masterclass in observation and people-watching. You will spot a diverse range of characters in her work; often badass women and genders defying stereotypes. Kimberlie analyses financial topical news to the latest fashion trends, all in her brushed, stylised texture.  

Our illustration agents caught up with Kimberlie at the beginning of February ... 

Q: Hey, Kimberlie! We are big fans of your style. But who are you big fans of?

A: At this moment in time, I am off-the-wall crazy about Daria Tessler, Emily Hughes and Lorena Alvarez Gomez's illustrations. This is to just name a few!

Q: Set the scene and describe where you work best ... 

A: I share a studio with my husband actually. We have a ceramics business together, called Two Hold Studios LLC. Our studio functions as a pottery studio as well as where I create my illustrations. We've got a Mac surrounded by shelves filled with hand-pinched greenware, book, and plants. We almost always have a podcast playing in the background. 

Q: Very cool! What would be your dream project?

A: I want to do so much within my illustration over my lifetime, but I think one of my longstanding dreams is to illustrate children's books. Books have such a huge impact on children and adults; being a part of that would be amazing. 

Q: We would love to see some of your kids work! Why did you want to sign with Illo, in particular?

A: Illo strives to represent diversity and I'm 100% behind that. 

Q: Your work is heavily based on femme characters. Who are your biggest female inspirations?

A: I'm so happy that comes across. As an Asian-American woman, I'm trying to fulfill what I haven't seen growing up; women, particularly women of colour. My biggest female inspirations have to be my mother and my female relatives. I see them strive and succeed as breadwinners, whilst balancing motherhood with compassion and love, as champions.

And that's a wrap! Want to work Kimberlie on your upcoming project? Reach out to our team of illustration agents at [email protected] 

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