illo's new signing ... Carmen Sanchez!

Carmen Sanchez Carmen Sanchez Carmen Sanchez

We have been lucky enough to welcome a whole host of new artists in 2019, including our new signing Carmen Sanchez!

Spanish illustrator, Carmen, is inspired by pop culture and colourful scenes around her. From Freddie Mercury to Hogwarts students, she provides playful and stylised characters looking at the world through almond eyes.

Read on to see learn how she became an illustrator and which Hogwarts house the sorting hat would place her in ... 

Q: Hey Carmen! We've checked out your online portfolio, but what is it that you enjoy illustrating most?

A: I like illustrating expressive, colourful characters that tell their own story. Designing patterns is another of my passions and I enjoy expressing them on any surface.

Q: Pretty cool! Describe to us what your office is like and where you work best ... 

A: I work from home, using a digital screen. Sometimes, I sketch with pencils in my notebooks. I'm surrounded by a bookcase full of illustrated titles, and I like to browse them from time to time to inspire me. 

Q: Sounds like a bookworm's dream! What would be your dream project?

A: I would love to illustrate a children's title. Perhaps in a graphic style!

Q: A book project would be great! Why did you want to sign with Illo Agency? 

A: I am proud to sign with Illo Agency, as they support the diversity of illustrators. It is definitely an incentive that are conscious to represent the different styles, personalities, and cultures of each artist. It's important to me that they value these things and give each illustrator the freedom to explore their creative process.

Q: Well, we're happy to welcome you! Finally, we can see you are a Harry Potter fan! In which house would the sorting hat place you?

A: Harry Potter's world is one of my greatest literary passions. As a good Hufflepuff, I like to support my colleagues and am not afraid of hard work! I also like illustrating mythology; it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and fantastic stories. 

Sounds like fun working with Carmen? Commission her to work on your latest project, today.

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