kate cooke joins Illo Agency

January is a month of new beginnings - and plenty of new signings! Another amazing addition to our team with a style as fresh as the sea breeze, we welcome Kate Cooke. Kate uses sharp shapes to create silhouetted and nautical patterned illustration.

Our illustration agents caught up with her at the start of the month to learn more about the artist behind the illustration ... 

Q: Happy New Year, Kate! How did you begin this journey into an illustration career?

A: I studied print textiles at college and have worked for many years in the fashion industry designing printed cloth. However, just designing for fabric can become a little inhibiting, so my spare time has often been devoted to different subjects. I love to paint the things that appear in my environment and since I live on the coast, this often means that I'm inspired by the things that I see on the beach or at sea. I also do a lot of dog walking, so wildlife features in my work too. 

I've spent the last six years working on home and gift ranges produced as a variety of products; greeting cards, mugs, tea towels and art print. These days, I consider myself as much more of an illustrator rather than just a textile designer. 

Q: Wow, what a variety illustration brings to your job! How would you describe your style?

A: Eclectic, bright, decorative, slightly vintage, inspired by handprint techniques and collage. 

Q: Love it! What would you consider your dream project?

A: I love the idea of illustrating a cookery book. Food is one of my great loves and I like to paint delicious things! One of my great influences is the textile designer, Joseph Frank. I love the way he joins flowers, plants and fruits together in a beautifully organic collection. 

Q: That would be a great project to work on! Why did you want to sign with Illo Agency?

A: Illo sounded like a really vibrant, exciting group of people who are trying to put like-minded creatives in touch with interesting commercial clients. It would be great to reach out to more people that might like to use my designs in different ways.

Q: We're glad to welcome you! And finally ... have you made any New Year's resolutions? 

A: Travel more, discover more and eat well! I love seeing the world and taking my sketch book on the road/ I'm never happier than when I'm planning my next trip and seeing somewhere new.  

And that's a wrap! If you would like to collaborate with Kate on a cookery book or another project then get in touch with our team of illustration agents who would be happy to help. 

at Illo Agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators; distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.