"Joana’s certainties” - written and illustrated by Ina Cardoso

Illo is extremely pleased to share with you our artist Ina Cardoso's latest project that she both wrote and illustrated, "As Certezas de Joana" or "Joana's certainties". Based in Brazil, Ina likes to capture a range of feelings in her works to evoke a hidden emotion within a reader, something we can clearly see in her new work. This beautifully illustrated picture book is about a girl that collects certainties and explores how this collection influences her as she grows up. A story about growing up, figuring out the truths in life and what to cling on to is something we can all relate to. Check out Ina Cardoso's story and be pulled into her delicate lines and watercolours. 

"Me identifiquei demais com a Joana e suas certezas. A gente vai construindo verdades e ideais na vida e se apegando a todas elas. Mas, se libertar de tudo isso, se deixar surpreender e tentar ter menos controle das coisas pode ser bem interessante e libertador." - Fafá

"I identified so much with Joana and her certainties. We are building truths and ideas in life and clinging to them all. But getting rid of it all, being surprised, and trying to have less control over things can be very interesting and liberating." - Fafá

If you would be interested to work with Ina Cardoso, who I might add is an absolute pleasure to work with! Please don't hesitate to contact her agent [email protected]

Words by Christine Hong. At Illo Agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrates by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.