Sandra de la Prada Juan Fardo Alicia Mas Hoang Giang Tamaretto Scott Balmer Dorota Liwacz Joelle Avelino Maria Gabriella Gasparri Charlie Gould Nick Shepherd Luke Carter Jaime Hayde Diana Schoenbrun

It's Illo Agency's first Christmas and we have fully embraced the festive spirit. We have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the seasonal artwork that our illustration elves have submitted this month - there must be something in the mulled wine that has got their creative juices flowing!

Sandra de la Prada's textured, traditional style makes us all wish we'd been organised enough to arrange spending the Christmas holidays in a woodland cottage as quaint as this one. 

The three wise refugees. Topical and sharp - Juan Fardo's conceptual illustrations reflect the brutal reality of this special time of year that means many families are apart.

'Twas the night before Christmas ... and Alicia Mas illustrated a cute baby feeding cookies to a dog. Isn't that how the story goes? 

Vietmanese artist, Hoang Giang, brings out the dark details that you might have missed in your favourute fairy tales.

Israeli born illustrator, Tamaretto, provides effortlessly cool illustration for the YA audience and illustrates a festive ride home on the Russian subway.

Scott Balmer whisks us far away from our desks and off to a fantastical place where the Northen Lights grace the skies. 

Polish illustrator, Dorota Liwacz, inspires our NYE wardrobe. Put banana socks and patent red heels on your Christmas list, if you haven't already. 

'Tis the season to be freezing! Joelle Avelino illustrates the ultimate, giant scarf that all of us need. 

No, this isn't an action shot of you embarrassing yourself at the office Christmas party. Maria Gabreilla Gasparri's festive illustration teaches us all about the Czech Christmas tradition of shoe throwing. According to one popular superstition, girls should toss a shoe over their shoulder. If the shoe lands pointing at the door, they will soon be married. 

Our new signing, Charlie Gould, brings us tidings of joy in his typographic poster. Partly inspired by the movie Home Alone, the piece echoes a retro advert that existed around the period of time that the Ryder BB gun first appeared in 1940. All bundled up in Christmas-sy colours!

Bah humbug! Is consumerism ruining the meaning of Christmas? Nick Shepherd's retro style puts a playful spin on topical news and current affairs.

War is over, if you want it. Traditional printmaker, Luke Carter, reminds us that the season really is about the kindness of strangers and uniting as one. 

It's a wonderful life! Jaime Hayde illustrates for all types of families, not just the ones that are from black and white movies. 

New Yorker, Diana Schoenbrun, uses her traditional style to capture an inky night's sky in the heart of winter. 

Merry Christmas from Illo Agency!

at Illo Agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.