Illo at Bologna Book Fair 2024

Spring is always an exciting time for Illo as it marks the beginning of book fair season! It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the creativity and diversity within the publishing industry. Our agent, Marie, had the pleasure of attending this year's  Bologna Bookfair, which never fails to impress with its vibrancy and dynamism, and where we got the chance to show our artists' brilliant work.

We were booked solid, with back-to-back meetings with publishers from all around the world for 3 days. Engaging with all our contacts, as well as making new ones was incredibly inspiring but also rewarding, as we got to see Illo artists' hard work on display on a number of stands - always a proud moment for us agents!

This year, amid the bustling energy of the fair, not only were people seeking out fresh talent and innovative concepts, but there was also a growing demand for stories told in a non-European centric way. Tales, festivals, and folklore from every corner of the globe were in high demand, signalling a delightful embrace of cultural diversity.

In addition to this, publishers were looking after illustrations infused with humour, from picture books to witty middle-grade novels. 

This year we also had the chance to share the stand with our talent recruiting partner ItsMe, which was a fantastic platform to meet artists, hold portfolio reviews, and network (we loved seeing so many people at our aperitivos on the stand at the end of the day!)

In the lead up to the fair, we worked hard with our design team to print new fresh cards for all our artists, so it was amazing to receive such enthusiastic feedback from everyone.

The buoyant atmosphere of the fair left us invigorated and grateful for the creative industry we're part of!

Ci vediamo l'anno prossimo Bologna!

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