”Flower Block”, written by Lanisha Butterfield, and Illo’s by marvel Hoang Giang

We’re wanting to celebrate the upcoming release of…..”Flower Block”, written by the very talented Lanisha Butterfield, alongside Illo’s marvel; Hoang Giang on the illustrations!

This is published by Puffin UK, so also a huge thanks to the very clever Keren Greenfield and her creative team!

This book is a glorious celebration of the power of nature to bring communities together.

Here’s a little synopsis.

When Jeremiah plants a packet of sunflower seeds, the very last thing he expects is for the vines and leaves to grow overnight and burst through the ceiling of his apartment! As Jeremiah and his brother chase the magical plant up through the floors of their tower block home, they discover an array of curious neighbours who join in the adventure.

But what could be waiting for them at the top of the building? And will Jeremiah find his voice to help the neighbours discover the true magic hidden within these sunflower seeds?

Do look up Lanisha; who describes herself as a lifelong book junkie, whose quiet ambition of becoming an author – long-held and nurtured with lunchtime trips to the local bookshop – were realised during lockdown, with a serendipitous, snap decision to join an online Penguin Children’s Book Workshop.

Hoang Giang was born in Dalat, a small highland city in Vietnam, before moving to Ho Chi Minh City to work as an illustrator. She always has fun while working and likes to make her characters as lively as possible - because the story belongs to the characters, themselves.

You can grab yourself a copy here, publishing date is the 6th June 2024.

If you’d like more info, please contact: [email protected]

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