Illo Agency and Collaborate Agency win twice at the Creative Pool Awards 2022!

Illo Agency and Collaborate Agency won two awards at the Creative Pool Annual Awards 2022 last month! They won in the animation and branded content categories for their work together on the very exciting project with U.S. based Luxe Brands, for the release of Ariana Grande’s perfume “R.E.M.”.

It all started when Luxe Brands contacted Illo Agency for Cheyne Gallarde to design the packaging for the new fragrance. Ariana was impressed with Illo illustrator Cheyne’s brilliant and authentic, vintage comic book work! Cheyne didn’t disappoint and created a dynamic piece that enhanced and spoke to the core of Ariana’s brand, reimaging her as a comic book character in an exciting, cosmic new world. During a creative call with Amy, global manager of Illo, mentioned that the art would also translate into a great animation and comic book. Working with Collaborate Agency, with Illo Artist Veronica Johnson on the comic interiors, that is exactly what happened, and it came out better than they ever imagined!

With the direction of Vicky Patoulioti from ITSme, the full project was entered into the prestigious Creative Pool Annual Awards 2022. It was shortlisted and everyone waited, not so patiently, for the results last month. Someone from Creative Pool hinted that Collaborate and Illo might want to attend the ceremony, so Amy Milligan and Kate Johnson, head of new business development at Collaborate, went!

They had a lovely evening, meeting new people that had worked on some really interesting and groundbreaking projects, and accepting the two awards! A huge thank you to Creative Pool for such a great event and opportunity! It’s always a good idea to reflect back on the work you’ve completed and see the amazing things fellow creatives are up to these days.

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