Introducing concept and comic book artist; Paul Davidson!

If you’re interested in what goes into making a comic book from the ground up, Paul Davidson is your man.  In fact, as well as being a well respected concept and comic artist, he’s also currently producing " THE ART OF BLUE VORTEX" an in-depth look into the whole process, from concept, story ideas, to the pre-production.

We feel honoured to say we now represent Paul Davidson, and we can’t wait to see where this journey brings us.  We’ve kicked this off by asking him a few questions below and added a few of our favourite pieces of his below, enjoy….

When did you start illustrating?

Like most illustrators, you're self taught, despite going to art college. I can't remember a time i wasn't illustrating, but my first professional illustration job was at the age of 18

Who has been the most supportive in your illustration career, perhaps your teacher, family, friends?

Mrs Turner, my high school art teacher was very supportive, but it has to be my mother in the early years, then when i met my wife, she has been my rock :)

Did you always think art was something that was going to be a major part of your life?

It was just there, l knew it's all i would ever do from a very young age

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate?

I love science fiction and fantasy subject matter. I'll always be a kid at heart :)

How would you describe your style?

That's a tricky one to pin down. I consider it quite organic, as i try and fit my technique to what best problem solves any given project. I like to have many hats, keeps it interesting

What is your favourite collaboration to date?

Many to choose between, but one that stands out was producing the concept illustrations for the Playstation game 'Cartoon Network Racing' designing the world was very rewarding and fun

What interested you about being represented by Illo Agency?

ILLO are a VERY forward thinking agency that will lead the way in this ever-changing landscape. I'm very happy to be a part of it

Do you have a favourite author, film director, or designer?

My favourite author is Douglas Adams ( the personality and visuals from his words are out of this world ) i also admire the artist/designer Jamie Hewlett ( but i could name a hundred more :)

Are you working on any personal projects you can share with us?

BLUE VORTEX is a comic book i'm working on. It's a science/fantasy adventure set in the Bermuda triangle. I'm also developing a number of teen graphic novels about  an ice age hero named BRON a trailer is soon to be announced.
Hope to talk to you soon, if you have any projects suited to Paul, please don't hesitate to contact his agent: [email protected]
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