Here's an activity from Deborah Schreiber; you can choose to flourish a feather mask, or ink up an octopus mask.

Deborah Schreiber,  originally from Munich, Germany, and currently based in Falmouth, England, is always ready for a new adventure and exploring new places.

Deborah studied crafts for 2 years in Ireland, which lead her over to England to focus on Illustration at Falmouth University, she also spent a semester abroad in Australia in between.

Her atmospheric, playful work is inspired by her love for traveling, wildlife and nature. When she isn’t drawing or daydreaming she can often be found working with children, giving art and craft workshops.

Here's a brilliant crafty, activity she's designed for you; you could choose to flourish some feathers, or ink up an octopus, so you can wear a beautiful mask for the day!! If you are happy to share your creation, could we ask you to tag @deborah.schreiber and @illoagency, #DSMASKS.

Creators gotta create!

If you have any further questions or have the perfect project for Deborah, please contact: [email protected]
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