Everyone's Game, Illo's stellar football focused illustrations

Caterina Delli Carri,  Il_Gruppo_Femminile Calcistico Mariana Ardanaz - Mara Gomez Zeynep Özatalay - Malatya Football Team Dina Usmandi - Alexey Borkin Katrice Williams Dredden - Megan Rapinoe Juliana Cuervo Verica Cafagna - George Weah Wiliam Luong Daniel Ido Maria Gabbriella Gasparri - Rosetta Boccalini Santiago Taberna Zafouko Yamamoto - Demi Stokes Simon Paulson - Walter Tull

Our recent 'Everyone's Game' campaign was so successful (on the 23rd Nov 2020), we just didn't want to let it pass! Lots of exciting conversations happening here..

Here's a little about the project below, plus you'll find the most incredible/ emotive artworks by the Illo artists > based on many past & present athletes from all walks of life and their passion for Football...

So a few weeks ago the FA launched the Football Leadership Diversity Code, a new initiative to drive diversity and inclusion across English football.

So Illo's brand manager Thomas Allen had the idea create a bespoke campaign celebrating this news through illustrations educating kids from a young age on racism, discrimination, and equality.

These illustrations will be telling stories from all types of footballers, native from our  artists own country. For example,  Demi Stoke's inspiring story of how she played in the World Cup Finals for England against all odds! and from Africa, Arthur Wharton the first-ever black footballer in the world.

This really turned out to be a marvellous campaign and we're excited to showcase the Illo Artists illustrations,  forefront of combating racism and equality within the sporting and educational world, but also to do something that may well educate the kids of tomorrow on subjects that are close to all our hearts!

Artist from left to right: Caterina Delli Carri - Il Gruppo Femminile Calcistico,  Mariana Ardanaz - Mara Goméz,  Echeverry,  Valeria Cafagna - George Weah, Wiliam Luong - Captain Nhu, Daniel Ido - Winston Reid, Maria Gabriella Gasaparri - Rosetta Boccalini, Santiago Taberna - Alejandro De Los Santos, Zafouko Yamamoto - Demi Stokes, Simon Paulson - Walter Tull.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact; [email protected]

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