clara anganuzzi is SCBWI's featured illustrator!

Clara Anganuzzi Clara Anganuzzi

Who knew that 2019 was going to kick off with such a bang!

Congratulations to Clara Anganuzzi, who is featured as the SCBWI's illustrator of the month. Her work graces the banner of the SCBWI site, as well as making a guest appearance on their featured artists' page. 

Clara's work often revolves around environmental care, animal rescue and global warming. It is so powerful to see her organic, sketchy style sitting so naturally in the place it deserves. 

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators is a non-profit organisation that are the only business to cater for individuals who write and illustrates for children and young adults. They support the creation and availability of quality children's book sin every region of the world. 

We are so proud that Illo-artist, Clara, is the SCBWI's first Illustrator of the Month for 2019. Will we see any more of our Illo Agency artists being featured over the next 11 months?! Who knows! But this is great news to spur us into a brand new year of illustration. 

You can check out more of Clara's work over in her online portfolio, which is just one click away ... 

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