Bloody Good Periods: Esther Lalanne’s powerful print fighting for menstrual equity

We recently collaborated with Bloody Good Period, who fight for menstrual equity and the rights of all people who bleed.

It is BGP’s belief that everyone deserves to have a bloody good period, and the passion they put into achieving their mission gives us hope that the system that has previously put people who menstruate at a disadvantage can change for the better.

So, when they came calling for us to create a one-of-a-kind print for their online shop, we instantly knew that the cheeky work of our wonderful Illustrator Esther Lalanne would create the perfect print.

Esther’s bold, bubbly and quirky aesthetic invites you into her matriarchal world, which is dominated by beautiful and empowering bodies. Her cheeky print is bordered by moons and stars that glimmer with all the magic of everyday life. We are obsessed with the bold, dreamy colours and sense of power and mystical wisdom that her figures radiate.

The print was sold on BGP’s festive online shop, brilliantly named ‘The Festive Period,’ where all proceeds help this charity achieve their goal of delivering products to those who need them, providing sexual and reproductive health education to those who can’t access it, and normalising a very normal part of life. We are proud of Esther for helping BGP make more bloody good periods happen!