A Bear to Share, By Jessica Alba, Kelly Sawyer Patricof, and Norah Weinstein. Illustrated by our super talented Alicia Más

Here is a very sweet read-aloud story about friendship, kindness, and equity.

Business leader, actor, and Baby2Baby ambassador Jessica Alba, and Baby2Baby co-CEOs Kelly Sawyer Patricof and Norah Weinstein, deliver the important message of giving back from an early age through this tender and delightful story.

“Tiana loves her teddy bear, Bach. She doesn't mind that he's a little worn and somewhat torn. So when her mother suggests she make room for a new bear, Tiana can't believe her ears! Will Tiana have to lose the one bear she really loves? Or will she find room in her heart for two? Find out in this endearing tale-brought to life by Alicia Mas's imaginative illustrations-about a young girl who learns the importance of letting go and giving back. A girl with a big heart who loves her teddy bear, her family, and her best friend, Tiana will appeal to any child trying to understand what it means to give back to others.”

This heart warming story of growth and understanding is carefully and lovingly illustrated by Alicia Más. Her delicate yet vibrant illustrations bring life to each and every character , visually complimenting the sweetness of this tender yet powerful children's story.

Alicia is a free lance illustrator currently based in London but raised in Elche, Spain's palm tree city. Animated movies, music and children's books are a few of her big inspirations for her work so this project could not have been better suited.

This book can be purchased from Waterstones.