ACLU - Trans Script, art direction by Esther Lalanne

ACLU - Trans Script In concurrence with Pride Month, the animation studio Hornet and Bee Grandinetti teamed up with ACLU to create a campaign celebrating the many multifarious joys of being Trans - because it’s about so much more than just gender.

The campaign is designed to highlight a broader spectrum of trans life than the transition process, by celebrating everyday moments of trans joy. “Trans Script” lets trans people tell their stories of love, parenting and finding a home - each paired with lively and colorful animation to accentuate their unique story. Additionally, the ‘Trans Timeline’ website, which celebrates 50 years of the trans and non-binary community in the US, invited people to share their own stories of significant joy in their lives. To make this campaign, OBERLAND tapped a team of LGBTQ+ and non-binary artists and craftspeople from around the industry.

Illo artist Esther Lalanne art directed, storyboarded and developed the look and feel of one of the films, before illustrating the magical, whimsical world Paris inhabited and the characters she interacted with. Please see some stills and links the animations below..

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