Why it’s more important than ever for Educational clients to outsource distinct/ global/ unique, exciting artists

Unlike other industries, the publishing industry has been able to defeat the Pandemic.

Teachers, students, and their families have been faced with a huge conundrum as to how to proceed with their children's progress as schools have been closed to avoid the spread of the virus. Consider what would happen if children went two or three years without the education needed to help them grow?

Educational publishers have been busier than ever, alternating and designing educational materials that are best tailored for children at home while still being easy to manage for parents and teachers. This means that the educational sector is busier than ever, with constant publishing and book development for children.

Outsourcing can be seen as a crucial method in the creation of new products and services. As a publisher, you'll have access to a diverse range of global knowledge-based artists and world-class capabilities.

Publishers can reduce the risk of poor quality by outsourcing artists. This will ensure a smoother Artwork creation process with the added benefit of efficiency. Each piece of artwork provided by the Artist/Agency is subjected to a series of reviews before being finalised, allowing for an additional design check process to be implemented at each point of the main product creation.

As a publishing company, you can choose from a wide range of artists of varying types, nationalities, ages, cultures, and experience that are best suited for the book project you need.

At Illo, our artists have a wealth of illustration experience from all over the world. If you're writing a book about a particular topic, all you have to do is ask, and we'll find the best artist for the job and illustrations you require.
Featured artists:

Simona De Leo is a freelance illustrator based in London. Being originally from Puglia, the Heel of Italy. She recalls the beauty of the sun and sea from her hometown in her illustrations with an energetic use of yellow and turquoise. Simona self-published her first picture book in 2019 called “My Alphabet of Animals and Musical Instruments”: inspired by the vast number of rare animals and musical instruments, she put the two together to help readers discover the amazing world we live in.

Floss Pottage is from Lincolnshire, UK. She believes in the importance of representation and inclusivity in her work and wants every child to see themselves in the stories they read. She enjoys drawing and sketching traditionally but creates final pieces digitally. If you look in her sketchbooks, you’ll see they are full of drawings of random objects, particularly mugs, and hairy legs! Despite fears of drowning she has plans to buy a narrowboat with her partner to live on in the Warwickshire countryside and has further plans to adopt a dog that will keep her company whilst sailing the canals.

Sandra De La Prada was born in Barcelona, where she still lives. She comes from a family of artists and grew up with the prominent hobby of drawing. She grew up to study Fine Arts, although also enjoyed other artistic subjects such as Photography and Cinema. Sandra started working as an illustrator about eight years ago. She works under the supervision of her two cats, Chicho and Rudo, who advise her in moments of mental block. She loves listening to podcasts (all kinds: pop culture, humour, news) whilst working, but when she needs great concentration it only works music or even better, silence. Sandra dreams of working in a studio overlooking her garden, hopefully someday.

Keenon (Slic Arts) Ferrell is a digital animator and illustrator based in NYC. He likes to make artwork that is sassy with lots of attitude and emotion. Keenon makes artwork inspired by music, fashion, and sports. He is also a 2d traditional animator, specialising in frame by frame to digital 2d motion design. From graphics to character animation. Keenan’s clients include; Capitol Record, StoryCorps, Sony Music Entertainment to name a few. 'I work with a lot of people that have different taste than me, and the results have been fantastic. It gives me a reason to access parts of my brain I normally wouldn't, and thus diversifying my work and producing interesting and fascinating results that can only be attributed to collaborative input.

This piece was written by Temi Olarinoye @ Illo Agency
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