Welcome to Illo Pablo Moreno

We have the pleasure of welcoming Pablo Moreno to Illo this week, all the way from Barcelona!

Inspired by vintage children's books and manga artists, you can see the path Pablo has made developing his unique cartoonist style and eye capturing palette. Check our our Q&A with Pablo below to learn more...

Q: So Pablo, can you tell us about who some of your artistic inspirations are?

A: My bigger influence are sixties cartoonists and vintage childrens books alongside some of the classic Manga artists of Show era as well.

Q: Everyone loves a bit of vintage! Can you describe your style for us in your own words?

A: Children's illustration meets 60's cartoonists.

Q: To the point, we like it! What do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I like to read comics, take long walks with my dog and to buy at the flea markets with my wife. I also enjoy cooking, specifically Japanese food.

Q: Sounds like a wonderful way to relax. What is your favourite thing to Illustrate?

A: Children's books and children's comic books.

Q: Were really excited to have you on board with us, what made you sign will Illo?

A: Because Illo seems like a good place to develop my career as an Illustrator, and the Illo staff are very kind!

To find out more about Pablo's work, you can head to his portfolio online where you can see how talented he is! His portfolio page can be accessed from here, and if you would like to commission Pablo or find out further information, contact one of the Illo Agents who can help bring your project to life.

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