Welcome Leandro Alvarez to Illo Agency!

Illo Agency welcomes new signing Leandro Alvarez to the team, all the way from Argentina!

Leandro works with a digital finish to his pieces, using a lot of colour and characters in his artwork to appeal to children. We caught up with Leandro in a short and sharp Q&A to try and learn a bit more, which you can see below.

Q: Welcome Leandro, can you tell us about who some of your artistic inspirations are?

A:  Video games, cartoons, comics and other illustrators.

Q: You can see the influences through your work. Can you describe your style in your own words?

A: Funny madness! I want my artwork to be full of emotion.

Q: I love that expression! So, what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: I love playing video games (even if I am really bad at them), go walking with my wife, riding my motorcycle with my friends, cooking, reading and writing!

Q: Its great to balance work out with other creative hobbies. What is your favourite thing to illustrate?

A: Children's books and Comics.

Q: Last question before we leave you, what made you sign with Illo Agency?

A: Illo has very talented people, it is a perfect place to develop my career as an Illustrator.

To find out more about Leandro's work, you can head over to his portfolio online where you can see how talented he is! Leandro's portfolio page can be accessed from here, and if you would like to commission himm on any projects, or find out some more inforamtion about this wonderful artists, please feel free to contact one of the Illo Agents who can help bring your project to life.

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