We’d love to share something Ketu aka Anthony Ikediuba has been working on independently; the release of his debut EP titled Ano-Ele

You may not already be aware that Illo artist Ketu; Aka Anthony Ikediuba is also a well established musician.

With that in mind, we’d love to share something he has been working on independently; the release of his debut EP titled Ano-Ele, which means 4-4, here's a review from Kazi Magazine. Ketu also produced the artwork for his album and we’d like to share a bit of background on how he got this stunning final piece.

Ketu had a lot of fun bringing both his music and art worlds together. It was created mainly in photoshop, but in the early process of the illustration he sketched thumbnails as seen here. Here’s more info from Ketu below…

I was given direction by my friend Chris Omenihu to paint something in a bed or garden of flowers. I originally wanted to not have my face on the cover but he convinced me that I should.

I wanted to capture the season of spring with its passing storms in the back that leads one to think of the day break and connect the artwork to how beautiful life is, even with all its storms and dark moments. The left light signifies something beautiful coming and that the darkness isn’t there forever. It signifies Hope being born again.

I was Inspired by the artist Philip Lindsay Mason, who painted the album, ‘For Those Who Chant”, by Luis Gasca. I found this album while randomly looking through YouTube one day. I didn’t know that Philip Mason was the artist at first but as soon as I discovered his name and his thoughts I realised we had similar views and it felt like it was meant to be for me to draw inspiration from his work.

With it are my first passes at the cover.

Have a listen to his music here 

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